Health care costs – one example


Even though there is widespread agreement that health care costs are indeed high, there is often a lack of local data to show the actual amounts. Here is a cost breakdown of a recent ambulance trip from Elk Rapids to Munson Hospital in Traverse City – a distance of about 20 miles. The total cost is in excess of $1,000. The insurance provider, in this case Blue Cross/Blue Shield, paid only a small portion of the bill – less than 10%.

How typical is this particular case? Please let me know by adding a comment below or sending me an email at

I hasten to add that I am not at all critical of the type of care that was provided. All personnel acted with the utmost of professionalism. I am focusing here only on the cost of the service.

It appears that a second ambulance trip (God forbid!) this fiscal year would cost
about $500, even with all deductibles satisfied.

* Excess = the amount over and above the maximum amount allowed.


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One Response to Health care costs – one example

  1. Alex says:

    in the uk all emergency related treatment including ambulance, emergency room and hospital costs are free.

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