Historical Society enhances Township Hall

by Dan LeBlond, President, Elk Rapids Area Historical Society

TownshipHallGarden_smThe Elk Rapids Area Historical Society has enhanced the landscaping in front of the Historic Township Hall.

The Society, for quite some time, noticed drywall buckling from dampness at the base of the stairs landing going to the lower level.

Contributing to the problem was roof run off water through a PCV pipe drain on the northwest side of the front foyer. The water would exit the pipe and fall on a splash block and from there it would go out onto a high ground, some of which would direct the water flow back toward the building.

The Society therefore hired and is paying for a landscaper to remove the sod, re-grade the area and install a “dry creek bed” made of fabric and filled with stone. Roof run off water will now be diverted toward the sidewalk and fall into a French drain which is approximately five feet deep. It too is filled with stone and the water that goes into it will be dissipated into sandy soil. This should eliminate the icing of sidewalks in the winter.

The plants you will see (one spirea and several hostas) were removed today from the landscaping that surrounds the Village of Elk Rapids Chlorination Building (in Veterans’ Memorial Park) as this is the site of a new sidewalk and generator building that is a part of the current River St. improvements.

The Museum sign will be reinstalled at a future date.


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