Reverse-angle parking comes to Elk Rapids

The new construction on River Street features an innovative parking scheme that looks, at first glance like a mistake – reverse-angle parking. Here is a helpful Q&A:

Back-in or Reverse Angle-Parking

Q: Why should we convert to reverse angle parking?

parking A: Reverse angle parking provides a safer environment for bicyclists using the roadways since drivers are able to see them easier (and much sooner) when backing out of their parking stalls as compared to standard angle parking. Also, in cities where this type of parking is used they have reported a decrease in the number of parking related accidents since it was installed

Q: Is backing into the stalls difficult?

A: The backing maneuver may be unfamiliar, but certainly is much easier than parallel parking, a common task on city streets.

Q: How do you communicate with the cars behind you that you are going to back into a parking stall?

A: The law requires you to signal when slowing and backing into a parking spot. You should signal just as you would when parallel parking.

Q: Won’t this type of parking increase the number accidents as cars stop to back into the stalls?

blog pict A: Actually, one of the most common causes of accidents is people backing out of standard angled parking without being able to see on-coming traffic. Reverse angled parking removes this difficulty. The initial stopping and signaling required for back-in angle parking is already an everyday occurrence throughout the city with parallel parking. Because of this familiarity, we do not expect accidents to increase. In fact, [other locations]…reported a decrease in parking-related accidents after back-in angle parking was implemented. SLC Transportation


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