Stimulus coming for home heating assistance


“Just in time for winter, that big batch of federal money — $243 million for Michigan over three years — to help people with lower incomes cut heating and cooling bills is finally starting to flow.

Those funds to improve home insulation also were supposed to have begun putting hundreds of people in the weatherization industry to work by now. But Congress’ initial plan to have contracts begin in April was delayed while federally mandated wage rates were set for contractors.”  Freep

Always a concern that all the money will get spent downstate.

Local information:

“The Antrim County Housing Committee reviews applications from the public for the low interest loans for home repair and rehabilitation funded by the Michigan Community Block Development Grant program.  The Committee determines the applicant’s eligibility for the grant, and also determines whether or not the scope of the requested work falls within the range of works funded by the grant.” Antrim County Web site

Patricia Lowery, Housing Director
P.O. Box 206
Bellaire, MI 49615
Phone: 231 533 8727


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