Black Friday

black_friday Am I in a cynical minority, and likely to receive undeserved taunts of “That’s un-American!”, or some such, if I pine for an earlier America in which “Black Friday” was not viewed as the bell-weather of economic recovery? The very definition of economic success?

For me, the goings-on (sometimes literally “the remains of the day”) point out a glaring problem – that, of late, our measure of economic prosperity is almost entirely based on the volume of retail sales, mainly from overseas manufacturers. And little else. Today a friend of mine, a kindred spirit, lamented, “There’s no such thing now as ‘durable goods.’” Why can’t “what we make” be on par with “what we buy?”

Even though every statement these days is forced into a right-left dichotomy, I don’t view my concern as particularly conservative or liberal. Do you? I welcome your comments, even the ones I don’t agree with.


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One Response to Black Friday

  1. Unknown says:

    The significance of Black Friday is not in the amount of sales generated that day (approximately 9% of HOLIDAY sales), it is historically the point in the calendar year when most retailers move their balance sheets from the red (losing money) into the black (making money).I assert that the frenzy created with the help of the media preys upon the competitive and consumptive nature of the American consumer. What we’re really talking about is a cultural issue that should base itself in a deeper examination of the entire Thanksgiving Holiday season of which Black Friday is a part. Thanksgiving is a great American holiday but one that is undefined enough to have been co-opted by those intent on driving consumer consumption in every form from mashed potatoes one day to $50 I-Pods the next. How should we really be celebrating, through thought and action, on the giving of thanks instead of on gluttony?

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