Class to explore modern education

December 23, 2009 (Reprinted from The Elk Rapids News)
Terry Miller wants the best for Elk Rapids. That includes learning how to survive in today’s changing world. That’s what inspired Miller to host his upcoming seminars: 21st Century Education: Our Village in the Modern World.
In today’s economy, change has been thrust upon many. With so many people struggling to figure out what to do next, Miller wanted to provide some hope. That’s why he is joining forces with local educators to present a two-day seminar focusing on modern education.
This is the second “unique adult learning” experience that Miller has organized for Elk Rapids. This time he’ll be focusing on education, especially the role the community plays and life-long learning.
When it comes to the community connection, Miller praises the school for its efforts. “The school system has done a good job of getting involved in the community,” he said. And in many ways the community has reached out to the school. His desire, though, is to help people find ways to get involved beyond the PTO.
“We can’t get state money [for schools]. There’s some federal money, but the rest is local,” he says. “You don’t want poor schools to be the bad ones with the rich schools being good ones. That’s why there needs to [be] that community-school connection.” Miller hopes to help people see how valuable their time can be in creating a successful school.
Another area that the seminar will address is the need for life-long learning. “We need a more sophisticated approach to education because we live in a sophisticated world,” he says. “The economy is worldwide, and we need to be able to compete.”
One such area he’d like to see developed is continued education for adults. “Adult education is underfunded and unappreciated,” he said. “You think you’re sharp when you’re in school, but it’s amazing what you forget when you don’t use it.”
And with many adults now out of work after spending years with the same company, it’s important for them to be able to refresh their memories and relearn lost skills. “Re-training is the key,” he says. “Life isn’t over [if you lose your job]! Learn more and keep going!”
It’s this passion for education and his love of Elk Rapids that motivated Miller to schedule his seminar. The first features two presenters: Tina Fields from Tall Pines Computer Training, and Jill Murphy and Sarah Ward from the Imagination Library.
The second night is a panel discussion, moderated by Miller. The panel includes:
Jon Hoover – former Superintendent of Elk Rapids Schools
Mike Hall – Superintendent of TBAISD
Lori Bailey – former principal at Owosso Elementary & Dubai Education Consultant
Julie Doyal – NMC Extended Education
Amy Schindler – Marketing, Elk Rapids Schools
Derek Bailey – Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa & Chippewa Indians Chairman
Christy Nelson – Northwest Michigan Council of Governments

The classes will be held on Wednesday, January 6 & 13 at 7:00 pm in the Elk Rapids High School, room 124. The cost is $10 for both meetings. To register, call 231-499-9445, or email – Karin Beery, Correspondent


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