Carp about carp!

Asian Carp Town Hall Meeting Wed., Feb. 17, 11 a.m.

AsianCarp Attorney General Mike Cox and Congressman Dave Camp are hosting a town hall meeting about Asian Carp this Wed., Feb. 17 at 11 a.m. in Traverse City. It will be held in room 112 of Northwestern Michigan College’s Great Lakes campus, 715 E. Front St. (Source: Watershed Center email)


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One Response to Carp about carp!

  1. Propa says:

    I\’m going to attend if I qualify for the time off. I mean who wouldn\’t make themselves available at 11 am on a Wednesday that feels this is what the GOP frontrunner for governor should be talking about with everyday people. Partisan gridlock, BAH! Overpaid and ineffective legslature, p-shaw and lets not forget the insane 2011 budget deficit of nearly $2 BILLION, fugedabouit! What we need is a good joke to laugh at as our future swirls down the storm drain. Well, at least all this fish talk will keep the attention from how inconsistent Mr. GOP\’s "family values" are with reality.Carp or Red Herring? Both are equally tasty IMHO.

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