Not unexpected criticism – but disappointing

image Now that a Muslim-American (Note that she was Arab-American yesterday!) from Michigan won the Miss USA pageant,, the criticism and weird questions have started. For example:

"Did the Muslim-American win because of the whole PC society that we find ourselves living in?" Gretchen Carlson, Fox and Friends via MediaMattersReported at MLive

Shouldn’t it be Muslim-Christian or Arab-American? Better yet – Lebanese/American. Just what/who is a Muslim-American? I suspect the worriers did not even watch the contest, thereby to gauge firsthand if the winner is qualified to be Miss USA. At least we won’t have a birther scandal. (She was born in Lebanon, but that doesn’t make her ineligible to win Miss USA – though I suspect that the subject will come up, again and again.)

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And there will be criticism as well from conservative Muslims. My take on it all: It’s a quintessential American story of a talented and ambitious young person entering and winning a contest. To make my point, perhaps I should enter a contest (not Miss USA) as a Bavarian-Corsican American and see how many people comment on my extra bit of Mediterranean melanin.


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