ER-BAM gets letter of support from Senator Levin

September 15, 2010
Mr. Dallas Tonsager, Under Secretary
USDA Rural Development
Washington, DC 20250

Dear Mr. Tonsager:

I am writing to express my support for the Broadband Initiatives Program grant application submitted by Cherry Capital Connection, LLC.

This funding will support the Elk Rapids Broadband Area Maximization project. The project, which enjoys the full support of the Elk Rapids Chamber of Commerce seeks to improve broadband connectivity in this largely rural part of Northern Lower Michigan. As a result of this funding, Elk Rapids, with the help of Cherry Capital Connection, LLC will be able to grow its economy by improving business conditions and attracting new investment.

I trust you will give this application every consideration for funding. I would like to be informed as to the timetable for processing these applications and of the disposition of this application in particular. Please address your response to my Traverse City office at the address and telephone number shown below.

Carl Levin (Source: email from Tom Stephenson)

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1 Response to ER-BAM gets letter of support from Senator Levin

  1. Tim says:

    Tom Stephenson is the Communication Director for the Elk Rapids Regional Broadband Strategy (ER-BAM project). Visit the project web site for full details.

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