Village Council meeting 10/4

I could not attend last night’s meeting, but here are some highlights that came my way courtesy of Greg Reisig.

Outdoor Skating rink
Council voted 7-0 not to cut any trees in the area of this skating rink —
south of the Police Station.

The ongoing sidewalk program was discussed at length. In the past, homeowners have been responsible for paying for sidewalk repair and replacement for the sidewalks on their properties. At present, the discussion centers around having a 50-50 split in cost with between the Village and the homeowner. There was a long discussion, but I don’t believe that any decision was reached.

DPW Supervisor
A new DPW Supervisor was selected but he cannot take the job. So Steve Brees will be the working foreman until a new supervisor can be found.

Many more issues were discussed at a long meeting. If I hear more, I’ll post the news.


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