Discussion starts in Millers Park about the streetlights

streetlightUpdate: Yesterday (October 6) I got an email reply from Consumers Energy Customer Affairs that said my inquiry would be forwarded to Engineering . Then this morning, Engineering called. We had a useful discussion about how Consumers handles residential streetlights. For one thing, for them to act, we need to get the Village Council to authorize Consumers to investigate our unique situation. Then Consumers would meet with Millers Park folks to discuss lighting options. Therefore, I will bring up this issue at the next Village Council meeting (mid October) and seek an appropriate communication from Village to Consumers to get this process started.

October 3
Several residents in Millers Park have begun to discuss what might be done about the streetlights there. For some, the streetlights are inappropriate – large, partially shielded, urban lights on what is hardly more than a country lane. And the existing lights are few and far between as well as not Dark-Sky compliant. For others, this type of lighting is necessary and preferable for good public safety and to deter crime. Still others have a variety of additional opinions.

As a first step, Dark Knave Terry Miller, Millers Park resident as well as the blogger here, consulted with his eminence Dark Knight Wally Hibbard, who suggested replacing the streetlights with Dark-Sky compliant lighting or possibly putting a ‘Hubble Hood’ on each existing streetlight to put the light on the street where it belongs. Miller has contacted Consumers Energy to find out what policies, programs and procedures are in place that apply to this situation. Once Miller gets this info from Consumers Energy, he plans to contact every park resident (permanent, renter, snowbird, absentee) to set up a discussion to explore what options are available to all in Millers Park. Frequent visitors to Millers Park will also be surveyed, and Village government will be included in any decision-making.


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One Response to Discussion starts in Millers Park about the streetlights

  1. Sarah Miller says:

    I’d like to keep street lights on Millers Park Road and add more in the dark spots inbetween. But the current lights seem way too tall. Some also make an annoying buzzing sound. I would like to have the light shine on our street rather than in the sky. That way, our path is lit up at night, but we can still see the stars.

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