New dog in town

TomJerrysHotDog Right behind the Village Market, you will now find a mobile hot dog stand, Tom & Jerry’s Dog House. Tom McManus the Third is the owner/operator. He lives in Eastport and is the grandson of once local constable Tom McManus (the First). Outfitted with the best dogs, brats and fixings, purchased at the Village Market, Tom will engage you in jaunty conversation as he creates for you an edible masterpiece.

I was a customer this noon, and Tom first tempted me with a sample of his zesty Tom’s special soup. Then I ordered a Tom’s special dog and watched in amazement as  he created a mouthwatering hot dog complete with onions and sauerkraut. Delicious.

elksfourandonehalfI give Tom & Jerry’s four and 1/2 elks out of a possible five. The half elk off is mainly because I haven’t tried anything else on the menu…yet. But I plan to. Look for Tom & Jerry’s Dog House on Ames Street in East Elk Rapids right behind the Village Market.

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