Geezers on Facebook

FacebookLogo Because I have some familiarity with this topic, I plan to start “Geezers on Facebook,” a support group for the elderly among us, who want to sign up for Facebook but who are somewhat reluctant. It can be daunting for any senior citizen who tries to join something that his grandchildren effortlessly use. We’re not used to learning new things from young children. We’re much better as elder statesmen, imparting our well-earned wisdom to future generations.

Counseling will be available 24×7 for geezers who join Facebook, only to be unceremoniously greeted with the unsettling message, “You have no friends.” Even stalwart men have been reduced to tears upon its receipt. Then, there is the typical almost-bipolar bounce-back when, after sending out a tentative invitation, the news comes that “You have a friend.” Grown men have been known to trumpet this “I have a friend!” news to all within a 5-mile radius. Counselors are standing by with blood-pressure cuffs in hand to ensure geezer safety.

If this new support-group venture goes well, I will likely start a new group, “Tweets from Grandpa.”


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2 Responses to Geezers on Facebook

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  2. billbirnbaum says:

    OK, sounds interesting. Please let me know when you start “Geezers on Facebook.” Thanks, Bill

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