The Fire & Rescue Board

emergencyservicesUntil today, I did not know that the Elk Rapids Township had a Fire & Rescue Board. It does, and here is a list of members, which I got from the Township Web site.

     Larry Ball, 237 Charles Street  Elk Rapids, Mi 49629  264-6409
     Jack White – 10877 US 31 N  Williamsburg, Mi 49690 (231) 264-8291
     Michelle Hoezee – 616 Cedar  Elk Rapids, Mi 49629 (231) 264-5797
     John Amos – 11990 Munro Road  Williamsburg, Mi 49690  (231) 264-8316
     Gary Gretel, 411 Ottawa Street  Elk Rapids, Mi 49629 (231) 264-8840

This board acts as an intermediary organization between the fire and ambulance organizations and the Township Board. Because of considerable concerns expressed by some Village members about possible changes to the fire and ambulance services, I asked a member of this board about the decision-making process used to develop these changes.

As it turns out, this board has been very actively involved in developing the changes that will likely be proposed at the next Township meeting on Tuesday.


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