Beaver Island is now less remote

InternetSo when high-speed Internet service became available to most of the island last spring, this was more than just a convenience. For many, it was a godsend — even if having the service simply meant being able to shop online for just about anything, to play an online game or to watch a newly released movie. For others, it meant being able to stay on the island longer because they had a more reliable connection to do work.  MLive

But change is difficult even when it comes with benefits.

Technology is, at once, their blessing and their curse. On a summer night, it’s not unusual to see more than a dozen people sitting outside the library’s memorial garden, on picnic tables and in their cars, tapping into the free wireless that’s left on 24 hours a day.

At the same time, islanders and summer residents alike regularly complain about all the people who now walk around the main streets of St. James, staring at a smart phone screen or iPad instead of their beautiful surroundings.   MLive

Gone is the remote way of life.


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