Nicole Martin – a heartwarming story

NicoleMartinTeachers are heroes as we all know.  But what about a teacher who dedicates her life to children AND literally gives of herself to help someone live?  Such is the case with Elk Rapids’ 6th grade teacher, Nicole Martin.  She just recently returned back to the classroom after donating Peripheral Blood Stem Cells for a patient in need of a transplant.  According to the National Marrow Donor Program, “what Nicole did is nothing short of a miracle.  She has the capability of saving an individual’s life, someone who could possibly die without her help.”  She didn’t do it for money nor does she even know the man who’s life she may be saving.  Her act of selflessness was driven by the memory of her college roommate who died of Leukemia because a marrow donor was not found in time.  To try to prevent such a loss for someone else, she signed up in 1997 as a marrow donor. 

This summer, 13 years later, a potential match was found.  Nicole went through a few tests over the summer and three months later, it was determined that she was a perfect match.  For 5 days, she was administered 3 shots each day to boost up her body’s marrow production.  These shots, to say the least, were not fun and Nicole said it made every bone in her body ache.  Following that week, she travelled to Grand Rapids where she spent over 12 hours in the hospital hooked up to various IVs and machines.  At approximately 5pm, the carrier arrived to pack up her donated, lifesaving tissue and fly it over to Europe in hope of saving a man’s life.  In about 40 days, Nicole will be informed of his prognosis. 

With a passion of a teacher and lifelong learner, Nicole talks of how fascinating the process is and how many scientific lessons can be learned.  She doesn’t view herself as a hero but feels lucky to have been a part of something that can literally change a life; Something she does every day at Elk Rapids Schools and now she has crossed the globe and changed yet another life.

Contact: Nicole Martin – 231-264-8991 or         GO ELKS!
(Source: press release from Elk Rapids Schools)

This is the essence of community.


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