Special Council meeting

Here are highlights of the first part of a special meeting tonight of the Village Council.

On December 4, the Salvation Army and Lions Club will host a bell-ringer fundraiser in Elk Rapids.

The following people were sworn in to the Council:

Dan Reszka, President (incumbent)
Dan LeBlond, Trustee (incumbent)
Chuck Schuler, Trustee (incumbent)
Larry Ball, Trustee (replacing Steve Francis)

Police Chief

The person originally tapped to be the new police chief was unable to serve and withdrew his application on November 14. Council will restart the process, which will likely result in an offer tendered to another candidate.


President Dan Reszka made the following appointments:

  • Doug Bronkema moved from Township liaison to Planning
  • Larry Ball was assigned to Township

And Bob Orschel was approved as the President Pro Tem, a position he previously held.


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One Response to Special Council meeting

  1. Tom Vranich says:

    Interesting that the person who interviewed and won the police chief job was “unable” to take the position. Antrim County Sheriff Deputy Dave Kopkau was one of the finalist for the job and would make an excellent chief.

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