Data collection and Elk Rapids Schools

DataProcessingRecently I posted a concern about the amount of data collection as well as the possibly unfunded nature of it, “Is data collection an unfunded mandate?,” that is required in Michigan schools. I asked Superintendent of Elk Rapids Schools if and how these submissions affect our schools. Here is his reply.

The issue for me is not that there are State reporting mandates.  It is the fact that more and more mandates for reporting are added every year and schools are not appropriately funded or staffed for it.  At Elk Rapids Schools we feel we are a data-driven decision-making institution.  Some of the data we encounter does help our schools and students.  However, many of the 423 data submissions into the State Government do not directly impact our students.  Transparency and available data are needed for schools, parents and communities.  What is not needed is redundant and non-student centered mandates that take away resources from our students. 

Stephen R. Prissel
Elk Rapids Schools
231-264-8692 (Office)
231-264-6538 (Fax)


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