Free Wi-Fi in Elk Rapids?

InternetI have heard recently from several people that there is confusion in town about free hotspot locations in the Elk Rapids area and how to connect to them.

What is the current availability (current locations and/or coverage) and access instructions?

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1 Response to Free Wi-Fi in Elk Rapids?

  1. Tim says:

    For information on locations please contact Cherry Capital Connection at 231-264-9970 or the er-bam group at

    Access is simple, find a network ID (scan for available networks) and select and id with ccc@

    Using your browser simply access the web you will be redirected to an information page. Example if your home page is

    You can use the web free for 30 minutes by using the try your connection
    Based on feedback from we have a new interface in test mode that will include advertising and a new community page. The community page will remain free.

    Feedback is appreciated as we respond to the needs of Elk Rapids continue the deployment of our region broadband strategy.

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