Legal immigration

immigrationOften overlooked during the immigration debates are the bureaucratic and financial hurdles involved in legal immigration. Here is just one story:

As a British legal immigrant invited to the USA in 2001 to work as a regional manager, I have an H-1B visa, which was initially for three years and extended to six years. Because of inefficiency of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency, my whole family is still waiting patiently in line for permanent residency approval, with an additional extension, until 2012.
She [writer Katrina Trinko] fails to point out the cost of additional work permits, extensions, non-working visas for family members, and the cost of appeals when the immigration bureau denies approval of visas. To date, for myself and my family of four, we have spent nearly $42,000 to live legally in the United States. We also have contributed federal and state taxes for the past nine years.  USA Today

If it’s a hassle to become legal, it drives up the number of illegals. Note that we are not talking about rigorous qualifications to become a U.S. citizen or in-country worker.

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