Can a toddler become ‘computer savvy’ ?

VideoCameraEven Fisher-Price’s got ‘the fever, tech fever.’ Video cameras for toddlers, laptops for infants, super-realistic video games at the mall – now dash away, dash away, dash away all (video of frenzied parents dashing to stores).

I have grown up with technology infatuation, so this latest wave is nothing new for me. But I have noticed over the years that even the most whiz-bang techy toy gets old fairly quickly in the hands of a child, so it’s wise for parents to manage kid expectations somewhat to avoid spending a lot of money on a toy that is mostly hype and quickly put aside.

Of course, now I’m a grandparent, so I have a 00$ license to buy all sorts of expensive “spoil my child” toys, but I resist the temptation somewhat. In fact, this year Sarah and I are putting together cute mini-backpacks, filled with books, as gifts for grandchildren. We’ll see if our efforts pay off. If not, I’ll be out madly shopping after Christmas for auto-focus, megapixel, red-eye-reduction, multi-mode, toddler-friendly video cameras.


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One Response to Can a toddler become ‘computer savvy’ ?

  1. Tom Vranich says:

    Someone described a group of toddlers who were given an assortment of toys including video games, electronic moving machines, classic and homemade toys.

    Days later, they were scattered about the room, with the bagful of assorted nuts, bolts and washers grandfather the “toy” still holding the little kids fascination.

    Go figure…what is YOUR favorite toy out there? Hours with marbles, Erector sets and Lionel trains here.

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