No sharia law in our village!

ShariaLawLest anyone think that I am serious about the following proposal, let me point out my current inability to speak because my tongue is planted firmly in cheek. But I can still write.

Given the current and remarkable legal ferment in some states right now regarding Islamic law, I propose a kindred grassroots movement in Elk Rapids that favors barring sharia law from being used by or in the Village of Elk Rapids. “Whazzat?” Here’s a brief explanation.

Islamic law or sharia, which means “path” in Arabic, is a code of conduct governing all aspects of Muslim life, including family relationships, business dealings and religious obligations. It is based on the Quran, or Muslim holy book, and the teachings of the Muslim prophet Mohammed. Islamic countries operating under the guidance of sharia may have varying interpretations of the code.  USA Today

Astute observers of the actual debate notice that the protest always centers around “sharia and international law,” putting it in the context of generalized fear of a looming New World Order that debases U.S. sovereignty. Folks who fret about such things would likely scream, “We don’t want no stinkin’ international law!”

A sensible Village Council approach to my proposed grassroots movement would be to listen politely to the rants of a few at a future council meeting, then send the issue to committee, perhaps Beautification, for study. And something similar needs to happen in the legislatures of those states currently dealing with this phenomenon. There are far more pressing issues in state government than outlawing a code of law that doesn’t apply. How about dealing with state budget shortfalls using good old American law?


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2 Responses to No sharia law in our village!

  1. Avi Ratica says:

    I climbed Sleeping Bear a few years ago and when I was at the top, I saw a woman in a Bourka and I thought that my Northern Michigan was done. Kind of like when people like me were replaced in the Cherry Orchards of my youth.
    I second no Sharia law!

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