Glenn Neumann releases autobiography

PennyPencilsHistorian Glenn Neumann is announcing the release of Penny Pencils, Memories of a Country Boy. The book has been a long-time work in progress. Neumann said he got the idea for writing a memoir after his minister told him, “Everyone has a story to tell.” Soon after, Neumann began writing down memories from his childhood and initially printed 10 copies to share with family. “In 1994, I started re-writing and including photos.” The project grew and today the book is available for sale. If you’re curious about which memories Neumann found most tantalizing, “You’ll have to read the book.”

To purchase copies of Penny Pencils, call or write Glenn Neumann: (231) 264-6354 or 701 Chippewa Street No.9, Elk Rapids, MI 49629. The cost is $16.95 plus $4 for shipping. –ST  Elk Rapids News, Dec 9


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