Township Board meeting

The Township Board met tonight Here are a few highlights.

Public Comment
Terry Miller advised the Board about an available Traverse City Light & Power energy efficiency grant that is requesting applications. The Board decided to field the same team (Terry Miller, Pete VanDenBerge, Eileen Hedin) that recently won a $6,500 award for energy efficiency from the Council of Governments. No deadline but the awards are first-come-first-serve.

Resolution 2011-1 Energy Efficiency Grant
Township approved the grant award of $13,000 from the Council of Governments for energy improvement audits (and some subsequent improvements) as follows:

Town Hall     $6,500
Fire/Ambulance Building  $6,500

A “Green Team” is forming, as required by the grant, to be the grant administrators. Township-appointed members of this team are Rick McCaghy (Town Hall) as well as Pete VanDenBerge and Eileen Hedin (Fire/Ambulance Building). The Village of Elk Rapids is supplying three additional members for this combo Green Team.

Jack White has resigned from the Fire Board, and Conrad Reiter has resigned from the Township Board. The Board will put an ad in the paper seeking replacements. If you are interested on serving on either Board, please contact Supervisor Bill White at Government Center.


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