Reality blunts exotic immigration control project and proposal

The Project
Stop%20Illegal%20ImmigrationI learned today that the federal project to build a high-tech fence along the border between Mexico and the USA was cancelled because it is too expensive, after spending $1 billion for 53 miles of existing fence. So I did some calculations:

Price per mile of fence =       $19 million (rounded to nearer million)

Total length of border =         1,969 miles

Cost to fence entire border = $37 trillion

As I recall, the original plan was not to fence the entire border, so let’s use a shorter length:  Cost for 200 miles of fence = $3.8 billion

Is it any wonder that this project was cancelled? Is there anyone wondering why this project was even approved?

And this is not the only example of what I call anti-immigration hysteria.

The Proposal
Recall the now reborn demand to deport all illegal aliens.

Estimated number of illegal aliens in the U.S. = 11 to 12 million

Cost to deport illegal aliens:

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has a budget of $5.7 billion, the most funding it has ever had, and it has the capacity to deport about 390,000 people a year, or less than 4 percent of the people who are in the U.S. illegally. A rough estimate of the cost of deporting 11 million people would require a budget on the order of $80 billion, said a senior administration official familiar with the ICE budget. Oct 29, 2010

And I am just looking at the economics, not the political and social implications of implementing both the project and the proposal. Where is the sanity in the immigration debate?


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3 Responses to Reality blunts exotic immigration control project and proposal

  1. Steven Tambroni says:

    It would be much easier than that. All that needs to be done is to take away all insentives for illegals to come here in the first place. When these criminals find out that there is no work available, no free medical, no free education, free food, they will self deport, job done

  2. Steven Tambroni says:

    Take away all the entitlement, enforce existing laws, and these criminals will self deport.

  3. Steven, there is a certain irony in your position. Because many illegals come here to gain a better life for themselves and their families, are you suggesting that we deliberately lower our standard of living to deter illegals? Note, also, that the high-tech fence, during this recession, has created an unintended barrier for those wishing to return south.

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