A looming MI recovery?

Although targeted at ailing cities in southeast Michigan, how the Snyder administration organizes a state-led recovery effort will affect us. One considered approach with a couple of variations:

“Regionalism is at the heart of a new economic development strategy designed to partner with local job recruitment efforts.”  MLive

MMLThe Michigan Municipal League last week sought to begin that discussion by promoting the idea of regional tax efforts to support specific services such as public safety or transportation.

One model is community college funding provided by a single-rate, voter-approved property tax levied across municipal and even county lines. Any new regional property tax scheme would be based on a depressed base, however. A regional income tax might suffer from the same negative municipal income taxes face. They can be unstable and steer residents or businesses to adjacent areas that don’t tax local income.

More intriguing is the concept of a regional sales tax levied on residents and non-residents alike. Under that scenario, regional attractions, a mall, a restaurant district or a sports stadium could generate revenue to improve regional assets — infrastructure, transit, parks, recreation and culture.  MLive

Faced with our own decline in revenue-sharing dollars, Elk Rapids will have to be an opportunist when it comes to regional policy applied statewide. Not targeted at us but available funding, one only hopes.  Possible or pipe dream?


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