The title is a play on words on a high-tech term, malware, which is malicious software, like a computer virus, that does harm to computers.

mallRecently I walked the main corridors of the Grand Traverse Mall, which prompted the title above. In addition to the shuttered stores that have been there for some time, there are now an exotic array of small shops that sell mall-ware, mostly incidental items that are driven by fad and fashion more than by necessity. And not many lines in the stores. The crowd, such as it was, was trolling the halls. I suspect that the big stores, such as Macy’s and T.J. Maxx have some necessities, but not the hall stores.

It appears that the crowds and lines are typically at the second-hand stores now. And new resale stores are opening all the time. Such is life.  Makes malls somewhat irrelevant.


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