ESLA supports septic tank inspection

SepticTankI asked Bob Kingon, President of the Elk Skegemog Lakes Association (ESLA), to comment on the issue of septic tank inspection. Here is his reply:

The topic of septic tank inspection is somewhat controversial.  Milton Township planning folk have been taking the lead in drafting an ordinance that would require septic systems to be inspected when properties are sold or title transferred.  They have been working closely with the Health Department (HD) of NW Michigan (Antrim, Charlevoix, Emmet and Otsego Counties) in developing the ordinance, since the HD would be responsible for overseeing inspections and enforcing health codes.  Kalkaska, Benzie and Manistee counties have a similar ordinance in place now, as well as a number of downstate areas.

When draft language has been agreed to by Milton Township and the HD, it will be shared with Elk Rapids Township, the Village of Elk Rapids and Torch Lake Township, all of whom have expressed interest.  Our western Antrim townships are uniquely surrounded (almost) by waters that we all wish to protect. (Source: email from Bob Kingon)

Bob also stated that the issue of inspection of very old systems is believed by many in the area to be an invasion of private property rights.


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