My considered opinion on the EZ Mart application

EZ Mart or “No Mart”

Preface: I have blogged about EZ Mart for several months, all the while expressing my joys and concerns, but not forming an opinion until today – one that might surprise some of my readers, because it’s not a typical opinion from me. But it’s the right decision for Elk Rapids, and I will advocate it from now on.

Here goes:

My sense of last night’s Planning Commission (PC) meeting is that only one side showed up. Except for Chair Barb Mullaly and Zoning Admin Steve Ravezzani, the entire meeting was devoted to safety, traffic, urban sprawl and “You’re not welcome” opinions.

I led off with a how-good-a-community-member-are-you-going-to-be speech, which BC was prepared for and answered predictably that it is community friendly. Most every other speaker fell into one of the above categories, except for Barb, Steve and Matt Webb. Matt was a bit enigmatic, so his point was a bit muted.

If I could have spoken again (against the rules until everyone else got to speak first), I would have given the pro-business argument to get it out there. That usually blows people’s minds because they expect me to be consistent and dogmatic, so, when I promote business growth, I usually prefer to have others make that argument. Not any longer.

It appears to me, based on what I witnessed last night, that we have a majority on the Planning Commission that is willing to expand its authority on dubious grounds to turn down the EZ Mart proposal and thereby make a statement about our Village character – even at the risk of a test-case lawsuit. The Village would likely lose the suit, and the business climate here would take a big hit. I hope that the PC is just posturing for the vocal constituency and will at least reluctantly vote to approve the plan.

I am now an advocate for project approval. BC has over achieved to provide plans for a very non-traditional gas station. The Village has been engaged at all levels in assessing compliance with the zoning ordinance as well as having BC adjust to meet the concerns of the Fire, Ambulance and DPW departments. BC and the County have come up with an innovative rain garden/storm sewer approach to runoff.

Some citizens are seemingly opposed to development and have traffic/safety concerns regardless of what causes it and where it occurs. Any new business along U.S. 31, or anywhere else, has the potential to cause more traffic, and any future use of Super Tool will likely increase traffic on First and Bridge Streets.

Here is the crux of my point-of-view:

In my judgment, I’d rather blog about how Elk Rapids has become a progressive pro-business community that has raised the bar for businesses while still remaining viable and welcoming. And Blarney Castle has put forth an heroic effort to be a community-sensitive business, even though it did not have to.

Any other story would be worse.

I support a walkable community – but with all of us walking through an economically vibrant Village. For me, that means I sometimes have to walk or bike past businesses I’d personally rather not have in town.

I supported the Dam Beach alternative, because I felt at the time, and still believe, that the beginning of the process was flawed and the proposal was rather dumped on the community. But the EZ Mart application shows a dedication of purpose and action by government officials, volunteers and developers to create the best gas station possibly on the face of the earth. But it can’t change its essence; it is a gas station.

If Elk Rapids cannot support this application, it must face the likely negative consequences of rejecting a business that has gone overboard to meet and address the concerns expressed.

We cannot hold this business hostage while we seek to address the ills of for-profit capitalism, the intransigence of MDOT or the installation of more modern and better ordinances.

I ask you to consider my position carefully and, if you still disagree with me, please give compelling information and arguments that show what I’ve got wrong and what you offer as an alternative – that is more than a “no development, back to the 20th century” approach. I cannot be bought, but I can be convinced to change my opinion. But you’ll have to do better than rant, rave and rail.


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6 Responses to My considered opinion on the EZ Mart application

  1. S. Hoover says:

    Vying for a position on the Planning Commission? Two positions are currently available. Happy to have you join us!

  2. Tom Vranich says:

    Thank you Terry for your thoughtful opinion on this. We expect our Planning Commission to examine an application like Blarney Castle’s carefully, with the best interest of Village residents and the business community a priority. Should Blarney Castle satisfy concerns for controlling gasoline runoff, traffic and fair business practices, they should be welcome with open arms. Having traveled northern Michigan extensively in a previous job and now again on the road, I would prefer stopping at an EZ Mart over any other service station for cleanliness, service, selection and fair pricing. Competition is an American tradition and helps other stations become better at serving their customers. We now have a bit of an eyesore along US 31 and a properly maintained EZ Mart will attract travelers to our fine community and provide some local employment.

  3. I had to leave the hearing; I could no longer bear to hear otherwise intelligent citizens reduced to calling the BP project urban sprawl and discussing the large amount of people who walk from Bridge to US31 on First Street! If anyone looks backward at traffic on First Street, they may remember there were 50+ cars a day coming in & leaving daily from that property and Elk Rapids was grateful to have the business & income Super Tool Co provided and they should now be grateful for the possibility of new jobs at BP. Elk Rapids is a zoned community and if an applicant meets zoning requirements they should be welcomed, not slammed.

  4. Dan Reszka, Village President says:

    Hi Terry

    Thanks for your thoughtful discussion of the Blarney Castle project. I chose to not attend the Planning Commission meeting to allow the Planning Commission to operate without undue influence by myself as the individual that appoints all members. I believe, as we have discussed and we both seem to agree, that if the proposal meets the standards and requirements of our Zoning Code and our Master Plan the Permit legally must be approved or approved with conditions.
    If the issue remains that no more gas stations should be allowed would we use the same logic for art galleries or restaurants or beauty shops or churches or pizza parlors or dentist offices or lawyers or accountants. The task is to make sure that the application and the subsequent project meets the requirements of our Code. The plan that has been presented is the most detailed and complete plan that I can remember ever reading as presented to the Village. Environmental, safety, lighting issues etc. have all been addressed. The project is probably the best fit as a gas station that could be proposed. If the Village wished that no gas stations should be allowed it should have been part of the Master Plan. I believe that most people in the community use a local gas station, at least periodically, and that this proposal may be the best looking fit for our Village Character. I agree with Tom Vranich that Blarney Castle centers in other communities are the nicest looking and cleanest facilities available.
    Thanks again Terry for your educated opinion.
    My first “blog”. There’s hope for me yet.

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