TNN evaluates local townships

Here is the executive summary of a fiscal analysis of local townships prepared by the Township Neighbors Network (TNN).

TNN Completes Fiscal Analysis of Local Townships


Excerpt from Letter to Townships Boards

Ladies and Gentlemen, The last decade saw a 33% non-voted property tax hike per the State formula. Spending rose to match. Millage rates were not reduced to offset this tax increase. This formula again allows a 1.7% tax hike this year despite falling property values. Here are the facts;

Townships Spend $3.014 Million $1,733 per household

Where the money goes: 38% pay/benefits for part-time officials and employees; 23% public safety; 15% roads & elections; 15% buildings; 9% for consultants, office, memberships, and donuts. Please see attached SPENDING SCORE CARD

Pay and Benefits; largest part of Townships spending

State-wide, local government employee pay raised 13% while private sector pay declined 13% (10 years). Milton compensation increase for elected officers is triple the state rate. Supervisor-Clerk-Treasurer in 3 Townships earn 93% of pay & fringe; Trustees 7%; $270 for each $1,000 of employee wages (Milton $420). Please see attached COMPENSATION SCORE CARD

TNN Recommends to the Community that:

1. Boards Propose a Budget to Cut Taxes & Spending 3.4%

This helps young people who did not get a raise and retirees who did not get a Social Security bump and suffered a decline in retirement portfolio income. Higher taxes on citizens with lower income is not right.

2. Citizens Approve Board Budget Proposal If it Cuts 3.4%

Lower taxes and spending will help you stay here. A $35,000 cut per township is a modest down payment. Please contact officials to support 3.4% cut before the Annual Meeting

3. Roadmap to Cut Taxes/Spending by $35,000 Each

  • Cut property taxes and spending 3.4%
  • Freeze pay of elected officials
  • Consolidate functions to cut spending
  • Reduce and simplify regulations

This Report is released to cut Townships taxes and spending at March Annual Meetings. The State can reward sharing and consolidating local government services with revenue sharing incentives.

James Welsh, Financial Analyst

Keith Termaat, President

For a free copy of the Complete Report, Please E-mail

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