Who needs ‘The Village Movement?’

villageCould it be that many Americans are searching for something that we in Elk Rapids already have?

[Boomers] … don’t plan to retire before 70. And most want no part of the elder islands where their parents retreated from the hustle of city life into a largely sedentary, age-segregated existence.

The Village Movement is a popular alternative. The drivers of this movement are feisty professional women in their 50s and 60s who are determined to change the experience of aging by empowering and enabling adults to remain in their own homes or apartments to the end of their lives.  USA Today

A compelling and intriguing mental image – feisty professional women. According to writer Gail Sheehy, boomers want to belong to something more intimate, more caring and larger than themselves.

Boomers now over 50 want to belong to communal families, networked into a virtual village. It’s partly a resurgence of the commune spirit of the 1960s and a throwback to the villages of a pre-urbanized America, where people looked out for one another through good times and bad. USA Today

Critics of Elk Rapids, beware. Seems like you are becoming more like us. For those of us who live here, count your blessings.

As an economic development opportunity, can we package up and export The Good Life or do people have to move here to get it?


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One Response to Who needs ‘The Village Movement?’

  1. william brit says:

    it cannot be packaged–people need to come and see it.

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