Here come QR codes

QR Contact info, EDDoes this design look like a digital Rorschach test? Or Cubist artwork? A here-to-there maze? Actually it’s a QR code. QR stands for Quick Response, and the code allows your QR-enabled smart phone or a QR reader to scan code, then display embedded content – text, Web address or other data (see Wikipedia).lindybishop

Introduced to Elk Rapids by recent local Jim Witte of The W Group, Elk Rapids Economic Development Director Lindy Bishop is exploring how to use QR codes to promote Elk Rapids. One of her ideas is to prepare small handout cards with professional photos of Elk Rapids on the front and basic info on the card back, including a QR code that links to more information. Cool or what?

If you scan the QR code above using your enabled smart phone, you will receive Lindy’s contact information right on your phone!

Here is an introduction to QR codes.

Creating a QR Code

  1. Go to a Code Generator Web page. Here is one from zxing.
  2. QR_listChoose the type of QR code content you want encoded. The list at right shows the current choices.
  3. Fill out the form. Note that the form itself changes depending on which list item you choose.
  4. Choose the code size you want (S, M, L), then click Generate. A downloadable or embeddable code appears in the window.
  5. Put this code where people with smart phones can scan it. A scan results in the info you provided appearing on the phone.

Code-enabling your smart phone

A lengthy  list of manufacturers of reader software for smart phones is at Search for a software that works on your particular smart phone and download it.

Other stuff to know

Typically you will take a picture of the code that your QR-code reader software will scan, then the phone displays the appropriate info.

Click here for more information about QR codes, also called mobile barcodes. Even more info.

I have collected a considerable amount of information on possible uses for QR codes.

Click here to peruse a myriad of uses for these codes.

Enjoy! And watch for QR codes as you mosey hither and yon. Soon you might even see them popping up in Elk Rapids.

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