Note from Friends of the Jordan

Don’t Frack Michigan

Dear Friends,

FriendsOfJordanFOJ will be hosting a meeting of the group Don’t Frack Michigan at the Watershed Center Wednesday, March 16 at 6:30 p.m. at the FOJ Watershed Center, 101 Union St., East Jordan Please come to the meeting. Plans to drill deep methane extraction wells are underway in Kalkaska, Antrim and Charlevoix Counties. This type of drilling poses a huge threat to the Jordan River.

New information on the dangers of horizontal fracking are emerging almost daily around the country. The latest include earthquakes in Arkansas caused by fracking waste dumped in injection wells, and contamination from radioactive materials in flowback fluid in Pennsylvania (New York Times). (Visit FOJ Web site to see our position paper and other information)

Similar groups exist in other states including New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. A nationwide move is underway to ban horizontal fracking.

Everyone is welcome to attend this meeting. We plan to discuss ways to get information out to the public, including organizing a forum. Your ideas and suggestions would be welcome.

Hope to see you there.

Anne and John


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