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Egyptian voters overwhelmingly approved changes in the constitution, opening the way for parliamentary and presidential elections within months, according to final results from a landmark referendum announced Sunday. Opponents fear the swift timetable could boost the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood and members of the former ruling party.

March 20
In my opinion, the important breaking news around the Mediterranean is not Libya but Egypt.

Elated that for the first time in their lives every ballot mattered, Egyptians flocked to the polls in record numbers on Saturday to vote in a referendum on a package of constitutional amendments that will shape the country’s political future after Hosni Mubarak’s overthrow.  NYT

Although much can still go wrong there, Egyptians are engaged in politics, many for the very first time in any meaningful way.

Across Cairo, people by the thousands waited in long, unusually orderly lines in an effort that many said was meant to prove that Egypt had changed. Many noted that it was the first election ever when they did not know the outcome in advance.  NYT

While the bombs fall in Libya, keep an eye on Egypt for the important breaking news.  Also see WaPo.


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