Newspaper embraces cooperative model

Seeks sponsors

The Progress represents a new cooperative model. This fluid approach to the region’s first community-owned publication allows it to grow and change as the region progresses. Our voice is the shared, collective voice of the region. Our writers are owners and our individual supporters each represent a vote and a voice that will shape the direction of our publication over time. This is how we make Progress. This is history in the making.

  • $10 General Contribution
  • $20/yr Progress Member-Owner Receive vote at our annual meeting, name and message appears in our print edition
  • $50/mo Sponsor Spotlight Repurposed ad includes name, slogan, contact information and in addition, the sponsor’s name appears on the website
  • ProgressSponsor$150/mo Page Sponsor Receive header on sponsored page along with banner space on website
  • $350/mo Print Sponsor Front page spotlight “This edition sponsored by…” and includes a main page banner on website
  • $5 Classifieds (Limit 20 words)  Progress

Contact for more information.


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