Antrim Review covers E.R. connection to quake

Andre Thibert and his wife and son live approximately 175 miles north of Sendai, and want the world to know that the devastation to the coastal areas of northern Japan occurred in a much more extensive area than just around Sendai and the Fukishima area 75 miles south of there, where the damaged Fukishima Daiici nuclear reactors are located.

In fact, from Tokyo, which is approximately 12 miles south of the epicenter of the earthquake, to the devastated fishing port of Misiwa, where the Elk Rapids High School graduate now lives, it is approximately 466 miles. And the quake was felt, without causing a great deal of damage, over a far larger area than that.  Antrim Review

Cool that we now get Elk Rapids coverage from Elk Rapids Live, Elk Rapids Progress, Elk Rapids News, Antrim Review, Grand Traverse Insider, Traverse City Record-Eagle and more.


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