‘Geographic ingredient branding’

Manufacturing in America is not dead. It’s just changing at light speed – and it’s going local.

More easily understood as something akin to terroir, geographic ingredient branding emphasizes “pride of place,” which runs deep in cities like San Francisco and New York.  NYT

And deep in Elk Rapids – and in Michigan in general. “Pride of place” now is coming back to manufacturing.

(terroir? – French for “soil” but in a way that is oh so French. Yes, indeed. It means much, much more than soil, especially if you make wine. It’s wholistic. It’s culture. It’s haut, haut, haut. Zut alors!)              (Source: Terroir Miller himself)

sofa2Witness the budding consortium of manufacturing that is forming in Elk Rapids. Newly conceived Parallel 45 Furniture Company is working with Wooden Hammer and Traverse Bay Manufacturing to make upholstered furniture somewhere nearby. And my neighbor just moved the whole family here from North Carolina to take a job at Wooden Hammer.

Local manufacturing is here and more of it is coming our way. It’s important that:

  • we understand this trend,
  • we don’t screw it up.
  • and we don’t let it screw us up —

for example, by destroying our place and/or our “pride of place.”


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One Response to ‘Geographic ingredient branding’

  1. We are very fortunate that Dennis Valkanoff recognized the opportunity to cluster associated businesses here and develop regional synergies. As a vacation home owner in Elk Rapids from North Carolina, he fell in love with the town and the area. As an entrepreneurial businessman, it wasn’t long before he figured out how to connect the dots in a multi-dimensional way. Let’s just call it 3D Market Development. There are numerous sprawling benefits to what he is creating with Ed Hammer and Mark Toteff.

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