Food dye exonerated

Update: Important comment below points out that “exonerated” in the title is misleading. Upon reflection, I agree. Better title: “Food dye gets a pass, for now” And my fanatics comment is too extreme.

cupcakeThere is no proof that foods with artificial colorings cause hyperactivity in most children and there is no need for these foods to carry special warning labels, a government advisory panel voted Thursday.  NYT

Probably won’t mollify the fanatics.

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1 Response to Food dye exonerated

  1. I received this comment today. It prompted my Update added to the posting.

    “A tiny caution about your titles. The article “Food Dyes Exonerated” gives a very strong impression that food dyes do not have an adverse effect on any children. In fact, the article states that the governmental panel was divided 8 to 6 on the question of warning labels about food dyes. Also, some children’s behavior is better if they are off food dyes as was again stated in the NYT article. We have a young friend who was a very angry child until at 4 years old they stopped allowing him any food with artificial dyes in it. He is a different child; happy, content and knows the worth of avoiding certain foods which make him “crazy” at the young age of 7. “

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