Letter from the Publisher

Elk Rapids Live

Next month Elk Rapids Live will ask you to subscribe to the blog to view its full content. Many of the Live sources of information have already become pay-for-content, driving up the expenses of bringing you a full range of relevant and engaging insight, analysis of events and other goings-on that affect the Elk Rapids, Michigan area.

LiveAndKickingTo continue this publication, it is necessary to charge a small fee for access. The projected cost to you, subject to final review, will be about 70 cents per week ($36.40 a year), which is only 10 cents a day. Unlimited worldwide access will be available, subscription paid, via your Web browser, from a new site location: elkrapidslive.com, email address: terry@elkrapidslive.com and Facebook presence.

I hope you support this new business model and continue to enjoy the unique coverage and insight that you can only get on Elk Rapids Live. More information and subscription policies will be released soon as well as a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). In the meantime, if you have questions, comments or concerns, please email me at the existing address, elkrapidslive@live.com.

I look forward to continuing this unique and engaging publication, with your support.

All the best,

Terry Miller, Publisher
Elk Rapids Live

About Elk Rapids Live
Launched first in 2008 as the Elk Rapids Blog, Elk Rapids Live has been publishing interesting and engaging online content since May, 2009. Filled with breaking news, analysis, wit and commentary, Elk Rapids Live has become a must-read for Elk Rapids area residents, snowbirds and the growing community of Elk Rapids Nation throughout the land and beyond. Peruse novel postings at elkrapidslive.wordpress.com. Publisher Terry Miller, whose family has very deep roots in Elk Rapids, can be reached at elkrapidslive@live.com.


About elkrapidslive

More than a lifelong connection to Elk Rapids
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One Response to Letter from the Publisher

  1. Phyllis Wells says:

    We would be willing to pay the $36.00 to keep your blog working well. It is valuable for Elk Rapids tourism, etc.

    A tiny caution about your titles. The article “Food Dyes Exonerated” gives a very strong impression that food dyes do not have an adverse effect on any children. In fact, the article states that the governmental panel was divided 8 to 6 on the question of warning labels about food dyes. Also, some children’s behavior is better if they are off food dyes as was again stated in the NYT article. We have a young friend who was a very angry child until at 4 years old they stopped allowing him any food with artificial dyes in it. He is a different child; happy, content and knows the worth of avoiding certain foods which make him “crazy” at the young age of 7.

    Thanks for all the important news you bring to this region.

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