Fiscal health of local governments

The Michigan Department of Treasury has released fiscal health data for all government entities in the state, including revenues, expenditures and savings, then created a fiscal score based on this data. Here is the data for all entities in Antrim County.   Freep

Fiscal Health Score
0-4: Neutral, no action necessary
5-7: Watch, placed on watch list for current and following year
8-10: Stress, placed on watch list and flagged for possible state intervention


Note that none are in the bottom category.

  • Elk Rapids Township has a neutral/no action necessary rating of 2.
  • The Village of Elk Rapids is on the state watch list with a 5.
  • Other governments range in the ratings from 0 for Star Township to 5 for Ellsworth.

MI Treasury Department explanation of the scoring

Shout out to brother Steve for pointing out a mistake I made, now corrected, in the posting of the results.


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