FB withdrawal?

FacebookLogoI am now on Day 3 without a Facebook account. What I thought might be feelings of significant loss or “What do I do with my typing and mouse fingers?” has not come to pass. The sun sets. The sun also rises. Daily life continues with only the slightest hint of change – a perceptible uptick in the amount of face-to-face instead of digitized interactions.

As I suspected, Facebook was indeed fun but not really satisfying. Did it have its uses? Yes, especially when I wanted to contact someone and did not have a phone number or email address. But there are other ways to divine contact information, such as Ask the Audience and Phone a Friend, which sound suspiciously like game-show strategies but have real-world meanings, too.

connectionsSo it’s good-bye Facebook and adiós social networking, at least until I activate my new corporate account, under my Elk Rapids Live alias. Then I’ll have the online capability once again to quip, rant, rave, snoop and engage in witty cyberspace repartee. For now, I am enjoying the respite far more than missing the in-the-moment experience.   But then, I’m a geezer.


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