Subscribe to Live? Perhaps no need

As I have been revealing my intention to convert Elk Rapids Live to be paid-subscription based, there has been a mixed reaction. Although several readers expressed willingness to pay for content, many others did not. So I have been searching for an alternative way to fund the blog, and I believe I have found it. Details will follow.

What would that mean to you, the reader?

  • Continuing 24×7 free access to Elk Rapids Live from anywhere via most any computer-like device, such as PC, Mac and smartphone.
  • The likely addition of some paying portions of the blog to fund its continuation in an increasingly expensive online environment.

About elkrapidslive

More than a lifelong connection to Elk Rapids
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1 Response to Subscribe to Live? Perhaps no need

  1. Jane Brewer says:

    I sure do enjoy reading your blog. You really seem to have your hand on the pulse of ER.

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