How (not so much, What) do we know?

Ya know?

Today, isolating what we can know from mere noise is becoming the essential art of the educated: the skill, amid our convoluted and cacophonous digital-global conversation, to resolve for ourselves what so many gatekeepers of truth once resolved for us.  NYT

Some factors:

  • New media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia. Credible info?
  • Appearance of “personal truth,” which can be akin to propaganda
  • Proliferation of digital sources. Who/what do you trust?

Enter a new Internet tool, SwiftRiver, with an attempt to restore authority and trust:

… a contrary trend is forming: a number of groups working to bring back some of the authority and trust that has been lost.

A prominent attempt is SwiftRiver, which is affiliated with Ushahidi, an Internet platform of Kenyan origin that allows users to crowd-source real-time testimony during crises and then mounts the bits of testimony on a Google map.  NYT

Whether or not SwiftRiver succeeds, we definitely need credible sources of information and new ‘truth tools’ in our digital age.


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