Online senior care?

Is E.R. ready for telecaregivers?

elderly_computers[Mrs. Denise] Cady is a telecaregiver who checks in on the Fitzgeralds every evening from 800 miles away in Lafayette, Ind. She’s with a senior home care company, and she joins the couple via a computer monitor set up next to the kitchen table. Thanks to two cameras and several motion detectors wired throughout the Fitzgeralds’ ranch house, she can see a lot more than what’s for dinner – such as if Mr. Fitzgerald has left the burner on, how long Mrs. Fitzgerald has been in the bathroom, and how many times the front door has opened and closed.  CSM

Seems practical in specific situations. But then, I’m a geezer.

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1 Response to Online senior care?

  1. william brit says:

    very efficient and commendable but it’s a pity there aren’t more services which cater to something like this in the local community. it’s really tough to find people around ER who want to do this sort of work.

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