Troublesome legislation

Some in the state legislature seek to protect a misguided defense of “deeply held religious beliefs.”

A measure attached to an appropriations bill would require universities that have accredited counseling programs to report back to lawmakers about how they plan to protect students’ “deeply held religious” beliefs.  Freep

The law stems from an Eastern Michigan University dismissal of a councilor who refused to council a gay student.

workplaceThe American legal system has a long history of not allowing discriminatory practices in workplaces  based on unusual religious beliefs. Issues like polygamy, race, gender and yes, sexual preference have all been couched as deeply held religious beliefs at one time or another, but they have not found present-day acceptance as appropriate guides for workplace behavior. And that should not change in Michigan now or ever.

The councilor should be free to resign based on personal beliefs, given that they interfere with proper job performance, but the workplace is not free to condone inappropriate employee behavior.


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