Update about DDA activism

Downtown Development Association (DDA) President Jan Bassett provided this explanation of the role of a modern DDA like ours.

Our Elk Rapids DDA includes marketing and Economic Development to do just that. DDA’s have always been able to have employees, buy and or lease buildings, and lots of things (listed in the law covering DDA’s since 1975). A plan, established by a DDA, determines what it can use its tax-increment financing (TIF) money for.

Our DDA boundaries, since last year, now include commercial properties from one village limit to the other, but not residential properties.

Also, the Township Hall is now within its boundaries, so that once we re-establish the TIF fund, that building may be eligible for some funding. It is included in the current plan.

Thanks, Jan. Good to know.

Original posting

The local non-profit organization SEEDS was hired Friday by the [Traverse] city’s Downtown Development Authority to run the Sara Hardy Farmers Market this season. The weekly market begins May 7.  Record-Eagle

DDAThere seems to be a pattern developing in the area of local Downtown Development Authority (DDA) entities acting beyond the traditional scope of involvement. As another example, the Elk Rapids DDA now employs Lindy Bishop as Economic Development Director.

If times are indeed changing, why is it happening and is it necessary?

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