News flash: McDonald’s is adding 50,000 jobs. The Atlantic  Also see: CSM

For those who say economic recovery is all about job creation, this is good news to be celebrated. But is it really? Consider this:

  • McDonald’s always staffs up for the summer. Last April, it added about 50,000 jobs, too.
  • These are low-skill low-wage jobs — not living-wage jobs.
  • It’s not likely that these jobs last long. Many are likely day-laborer or casual-labor jobs.

I suspect that folks with jobs, who agree with the McD assertion that “A job is a job.” don’t ever want to take one of these. They just want to rag on the un- and under (employed). And perhaps they are a bit fearful of the future.


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2 Responses to McJobs

  1. william brit says:

    think about how many jobs are lost in nice local cafes and restaurants when McDonalds comes to town with it’s junk food. also, consider the cost of treating all the obese people who grew up eating this stuff! and as you point out the jobs are of low quality. end of rant.

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