Appreciate the gravity of the situation

A universe that is evolving? How well do you handle change?

OK I admit that this posting has no local focus, unless you take the position I do – that Elk Rapids is part of the known universe, so what’s happening in the universe might actually be of interest to Elk Rapids. And I don’t mean in some flight-of-fancy astrological sign, magic crystal or Age of Aquarius way.

Seems there is a tweak of the Standard Model of physics that has promise.

A new framework for the universe’s formation suggests that it began as a single thready line, then evolved into a plane, and only then the three-dimensional space we now inhabit. This could simplify sticky cosmological questions, including dark matter and gravity waves.  CSM

Intriguing idea that the universe is not only expanding, it’s evolving – dimensionally. If true, it could mean that our current three-dimensional existence is only temporary – that a fourth dimension is forming. Heady stuff. 

You can read the referenced article for the pop-science explanation. I suspect that when physicists state that this is a simple solution, they have a different notion of simplicity than we.


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