Planning meeting, Tuesday night

Tuesday, April 26, 7 p.m. at Government Center

Agenda Excerpts
  • Public Hearing – Request of 45th Parallel Furniture Co. LLC for a Special Use
    Permit and Site Plan Approval to allow for a furniture manufacturing
    facility within the existing building located at 500 US 31 South, Parcel #05-43-021-075-00.
  • Proposed amendment to the Village of Elk Rapids Zoning and Unified
    Development Code, §160.07, Medical Marihauna. Continue discussion.
  • Chapter 163 – Off-street Parking and Loading – Continue review and
    discussion Draft dated 01.27.11.
  • Election of Chair and Vice-Chair

Complete Agenda

Update, April 25:

Blarney Castle [EZ Mart] is on hold until they complete the traffic impact assessment study that was requested by the Planning Commission. My understanding is that the assessment will not take place until after the July 4. Upon completion of the study they are to notify me when they would like to be placed back on the agenda for further review by the Planning Commission. (Source: email from Village Office)

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