It’s all in the spelling

I have noticed a building controversy in Elk Rapids, possibly exacerbated by the resurgence of live performances at the Historic Township Hall. A skirmish of words, trending towards war, has erupted between staff and patrons of the Elk Rapids Cinema and the correspondings at the Historic Elk Rapids Town Hall Association (HERTHA).

Theater or Theatre?

Arguments evoke increasingly strident and passionate assertions over the proper spelling of Theat__ for the appropriate venue. Is the cinema a theatre or is the Town Hall? No compromise appears possible. I was shouted down mercERCinemailessly when I foolishly invoked TownshipHallMedmy wandering Liberal Arts / wayward conflict management background to suggest “Theatar.”
                           No deal.

Passions have risen to the level of “Horse! Mule!” in Fiddler on the Roof with only controversial tradition as a guide. Some have questioned the resiliency of Elk Rapids character in the face of relentless onslaught – even inslaught, which is far more insidious. After all, nobody frets about onsidious behavior.

Some propose community forums, some pillow fights. All concerned seek resolution, whether heard blowing in the River-Street wind or divined from the Mount Olympus of piled sand on Memorial Beach.

All feuding parties have agreed on one thing – not to let this Hatfield/McCoy, Rodgers/Hammerstien conflict detract from pleasant patron performance partaking. So please feel free to enjoy both Source Code and Moon Over Buffalo now and pursue boundless pleasure at both establishments in the future.

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